Full Name:

Frances Marie Abney (née Donahue)


July 30, 1968


Lancelot A. Abney


Anthony, Kelsey, Melissa, and Peter; Lewis (stepson)


Fashion designer

Frances Marie Abney is a character in The Magnificent Journey of Lewis. She is the wife of the antagionist, Lancelot.


Frances (née Donahue) is the only daughter of Oswald and Ann Donahue (née Peterson). They divorced when she was six, and since then, her father has been married twice, while her mother remained single and focused on her career as a fashion designer.

Frances preferred to spend time with her mother, and it was from her did she get her love of fashion. She would often model clothes for Ann, and she participated in her first runway show when she was fourteen.

Marriage to LancelotEdit

Frances met Lancelot Abney at a dinner party. The two began to go out at the insistence of Lancelot's younger sister, Maisy.

Just about a year and a half of dating, Lancelot proposed to Frances. Although she didn't find Lancelot very handsome, and she didn't like what he liked, she agreed on two reasons: the first one was that Lancelot was rich, and the second reason was that she was pregnant, and if she said no, the child would be born out of wedlock.

The Abney-Donahue wedding was three months later.

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