Lancelot Anthony Abney is the prime antagionist in The Magnificent Journey of Lewis.

Lancelot Anthony Abney
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Abney family Patriarch (1) Antagionist (2)
Gender male
Race Caucasian
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Lancelot was the product of Zechariah Abney's affair with a hotel maid known as "Mollie." At the insistence of Zechariah's wife Elizabeth, Lancelot was taken away from his mother shortly after birth and placed with them. Mollie, meanwhile, was fired from her job, and forced to move away under the threat that her son will be harmed if she doesn't. Maisy (Hollenbeck) is his only sibling.

As a child, Lancelot initially wanted to be a mailman, but at the encouragement of his father (or should we say blackmailing), Lancelot followed his father's footsteps and became the CEO of his family's company, Prometheus Tech, Inc.

Lancelot met his wife Frances at a dinner party. After a year and a half of dating, Lancelot proposed to her during a golf outing. Though she was initially reluctant, Frances said yes because of two reasons: one was that Lancelot was rich, and the second was that she was pregnant with his child, and she didn't want the baby to be born out of wedlock.

The two were married three months after the proposal, on June 15, 1992. Their son, Anthony, was born on September 18th.


Lancelot had hired a thirty-four-year-old woman by the name of Lucy Wilson, a former homeless woman. Lancelot was intending to seduce Lucy into sleeping with him, but Lucy was quite assertive, telling him that she had a husband and three children already, and that she loved them very much.

But Lancelot was just as persistent as Lucy was assertive. As the days passed, Lancelot sexually harrased her, and refused to let her quit. At some point, Lucy finally gave in to Lancelot's demands. The result of this unloving affair resulted in Lucy's fourth child, Lewis.

Despite the fact that Lucy was able to give in, Lancelot continued to harass her. Finally, all the troubles came to a sudden end just two days before Christmas, when Lucy and her daughter Patty left a bag of onions on his doorstep, as part of a made-up holiday called "Givenget." But Lucy became nauseous and ended up vomiting into the bag, and Lancelot opened the door just in time to see the unspeakable action. Furious, he fired her on the spot.


Lancelot was quite aware of the fact that Lucy was already pregnant when Xanza was moved out to the middle of nowhere. He began to wait until he was sure she was reaching the end of her second trimester. He sent out chauffeur, Horace, to spy on Lucy and her family and then report when she gave birth.

Lewis was born on June 19th, 2003. Upon Horace's return, Lancelot decided to collect his child on his seventh birthday.

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