Lewis Obadiah Wilson is the protagionist of The Magnificent Journey of Lewis.


Lewis was born in a rural village called Xanza on June 19, 2003. Once a trailer park, Xanza was moved to its current location following outcries over a made-up holiday called "Givenget."

For the first years of his life, Lewis thought that his father was Jim Wilson, until the night of his seventh birthday, where his real father Lancelot comes to Xanza and announces to the residents that Lewis is his son. Despite his mother's interferences, Lewis is taken away from the life he has known and thrust into a strange, new one.

Life in Point GraniteEdit

Lewis lives with his father Lancelot, his new mother Frances, and his four older half-siblings Anthony, Kelsey, Melissa, and Peter. He is ordered to attend Meese Academy, the same school his older siblings attended.


Mother: Lucille E. Wilson
Father: Lancelot A. Abney

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