Lucille Eve Wilson, better known as Lucy, is a character in The Magnificent Journey of Lewis.

History (Pre-Book)Edit

Lucy was abandoned by her parents when she was a baby. Since then, she has gone from foster home to foster home, never settling down, never getting very close to the other children or whoever was taking care of her.

As a child, Lucy has always dreamed of becoming a famous actress, just like the ones she has seen in movies and on television.

When she was seventeen, Lucy was placed into a foster home that did all but care for its children. Shortly after, Lucy packed the few belongings she had and ran away to Point Granite, a town where many rich people, both actors and entrepeneurs alike, resided.

Unfortunately for her, the people working at the acting agencies were not pleased with Lucy's looks and appearance.

After several bad meetings with the agents, Lucy gave up and called the guardian of the neglecting foster home, only to have her tell her that she was too old to be looked after.

So Lucy was left out on the streets of Point Granite, reduced to the humiliating role of a beggar woman.

Meeting Her HusbandEdit

Lucy met Jim over a year after arriving in Point Granite. The two came across each other in the Sunshine Homeless Shelter, located downtown. Jim and Lucy decided to get together and help each other out in times of need, and their friendship slowly evolved into love.

They were "married" on Pentecost Sunday, at the same shelter they met at. The ceremony was conducted by Ollie.


Lucy's first child was a girl named Patty. Her second child, a son, was known as Ted, and her third child was called Bill. Bill was the last child Lucy had before the events in the book begin.

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