Meese Academy is the school Lewis and his paternal half-siblings attend in The Magnificent Journey of Lewis.

Meese Academy




Point Granite

Current Principal:

Calvin R. North

No. of Students:


No. of Staff:



Kindergarten - 6th grade


Ernest the Elephant


Scientia Nos Juvat (Knowledge Helps Us)


Purple and Green


Construction for Meese Academy began in 1973, but it was not opened until the spring of 1976. Up until then, many children of Point Granite attended the then-overcrowded St. Jude School. Among those present on opening day was Lancelot Abney's father, Zechariah.

During the autumn of 1982, an election was held for the mascot. The children were given the option of voting on one of four different animals: a raven, an elephant, a sea lion, and a tiger. Despite the fact that the sea lion was getting a majority of the votes, staff members immediately decided that the elephant would better represent Meese because elephants have very fine memory spans, and that was a good connection to knowledge. So, before winter break, the elephant was declared the winner of the contest, and that sparked an outrage with the students. For the next five years, many petitioned for the sea lion to be made the mascot. They were ignored. The elephant did not receive its current name until 1987, where it was named "Ernest" after Ernest Vadas, a janitor who was well-liked by both children and staff. He was killed in a car accident in 1986.


Aside from the mascot election in the early 1980's, Meese Academy is also known for refusing to allow children with disabilities (Rett Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Parkinson's, autism) to attend the school. In retaliation, mothers of disabled children who lived near the school formed the "A Child is a Child Legion," and have since tried to get the school to let their children in.

In 2003, Principal Calvin North announced that there would be a special school built for the disabled children, but as of May 2010, it has not been built.

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