Melissa Jane Abney is a character in The Magnificent Journey of Lewis. She is the second daughter of Lancelot and Frances.


Melissa was born on December 18, 1997, the third child of the Abneys, Lancelot and Frances.

From the start, Melissa was quite aware of the fact that her father was so preoccupied with his work that he had no time for his children.

At the age of five, Melissa began to find ways into making Lancelot come and spend time with his family, such as outings to the beach, picnics, or a simple family dinner. She always sent Lancelot many invitations to these and he always seemed eager to join them. But at the very last minute, just as everything was prepared, something would pop up, and Lancelot would eagerly do that instead, therefore ruining everything Melissa had worked for.

It was not until she was nine did Melissa give up on her plans, and she became depressed. Frances, who rarely showed sympathy for her children, actually felt pity for Melissa, and decided to allow her to accompany her to a fashion show in Berlin. After that trip, Melissa became fascinated in travel, and decided that, if her father wouldn't come with, then that was too bad.

Melissa began to secretly sneak money out of her father's bank account and bought tickets to places like Sydney, London, Paris, and Wellington. She put makeup on to fool airport security into thinking she was older than her real age, and on some occasions, she got into first class.

Melissa's travels continued for two years, and Frances and Lancelot didn't know. Her adventures around the world was taking a toll on her school life, but she didn't care.

Then, finally, when Melissa was eleven (her twelfth birthday four months away), she once again snuck money out of her father's bank account and decided to vacation in Rio de Janeiro for four days. Things went swimmingly for her until the third day, when three homeless children suddenly robbed her of six hundreds dollars, leaving her with just two hundred and fifty left.

Scared that the hotel she was staying at would make her work in exchange for paying the bill, Melissa packed her things and fled without checking out. Her troubles increased when one of her suitcases was stolen, she lost a shoe, and a man tried to grab her. The poor girl wandered Rio's Deodoro neighborhood for three more days before giving up. She went back to the hotel she was staying at and phoned her mother, telling her everything that had happened. She was taken home by helicopter and was grounded for a week.

After her misadventure in Rio, Melissa chose not to travel until she was sixteen. Until then, she endorsed herself in activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, even skydiving.

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