Patricia Clemency Wilson, better known as Patty, is a character in The Magnificent Journey of Lewis. She is the only maternal half-sister of the protagionist.


Patty was born on March 16, 1997, the first child of Jim and Lucy. Despite their current conditions, Jim and Lucy loved their little daughter, who basked in their attention.

However, all things cannot stay the same forever; three years later, Lucy had Patty's brother, Ted. Patty became jealous of the little babe and refused to even be near him for more than five minutes.

Although she didn't get along with Ted, Patty became tolerable of her second brother, Bill when he was born.

Patty pretty much accepted her life living on the streets, and didn't really care if she couldn't get the things other girls got. Her favorite toy is a blue and green top she received from a toy drive, and she'll flip her lid if she ever catches Ted playing with it.

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