Peter Thomas Abney is a character in The Magnificent Journey of Lewis. He is the youngest son of Lancelot and Frances


Peter is the youngest child in the Abney family, born on July 29, 1998.

Since the age of four, Peter has always loved games. Board games, video games, you name it. His love for games has increased when his mother bought him a Nintendo DS for his tenth birthday. Many teachers at his school have complained about him playing his DS during lessons, and have warned Lancelot and Frances that, if this continues, his DS will be taken away.


Peter is usually a quiet kid, with nothing much on his mind. He spends most of his time playing his video games. He doesn't appear to get along with his family, but he might love his mother...just for buying him new games to play.

He also tends to fight Kelsey is she tries to take his games away.

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