The Peasant Girl and the Evil Duke is a fairy tale told to Lewis and his siblings by Imogene White at the beginning of The Magnificent Journey of Lewis.

The StoryEdit

The story tells about a young peasant woman who lives in a tiny village next to the river. She is already married and has children of her own. Life is perfect for her until the day one of her children becomes ill. Desperate, the peasant and her husband work together to take their child to the hospital.

Arriving in the nearby town, the husband gets separated from his wife. The peasant girl realizes that she has never been here before, and that she doesn't know the way to the hospital. She suddenly bumps into the evil duke, who is initially furious, but then calms down when he notices her beauty. The peasant begs the duke to help her to the hospital and he immediately complies. The trio make it to the hospital, the child is treated, and soon after, the peasant and her husband reunite, happy to know that their son will be okay.

The peasant, her husband, and her son go home. The very next morning, the peasant finds a small sack of money on her doorstep. Despite wondering where the money could've come from, she uses it to buy food for her family. The morning after that, she sees a bouquet of flowers on her doorstep. The peasant is a little surprised, but thinks her husband gave them to her and thanks him. Then, on the third day, she sees a box with a necklace inside. Surprised, she shows the necklace to her husband, who urges her to keep it when she thinks about selling it.

A week goes by and the peasant does not receive a gift. She is confused by this at first, but decides it was no big deal and goes on with her life, raising her children. One evening, she considers having another child, and her husband is reluctant.

Three evenings later, the duke comes back. He tells the peasant woman that she is in debt to him because he took her child to the hospital. He demands to be paid, but the peasant informs him that all she has is a necklace, for she used the money found on her doorstep, and the bouquet of flowers have already wilted away. The duke is angry; he tells her that he was the one who gave her these things, and that he was hoping she'd use them to pay him.

The evil duke kidnaps the peasant woman and takes her back to his home, where he forces her to become a servant until she can pay him back. The husband is immediately informed of the kidnapping by a friend who witnessed it. The husband informs the the leader of the village they live in, and the leader assembles a search party for the peasant wife.

A few months pass, and the peasant woman's life as a servant is anything but pleasant. She is forced to work long hours, and she becomes victimized by the duke's advances and the duke's wife's harassments. Their children don't make things easier for her.

The search party look far and wide for the peasant woman, shouting her name and asking people if they'd seen a woman by the peasant's physical description.

Then, just when they're about to give up, a man from the same town the evil duke lives at claimed he saw the woman buying groceries for him. The woman the man speaks about matches the peasant's description perfectly. The search party, led by the husband and the village leader, head to the duke's house.

They reach the home by nightfall. They disarm the home's "power block" (security system) and are able to search throughout the home before finding the peasant woman up in the attic. Happy to see her husband, the peasant woman embraces him, and together, they return home, followed by the rest of the search party.

Months after the escapade, the peasant woman bears a little son, whom she immediately declares is her husband's child. She vows never to think about the pain she endured with the evil duke, and adds that she never wants to see him again.

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